www.agc-store.com is an online store of AGC, a worldwide flat glass manufacturer. AGC Online Store is your one-stop shop for quality glass bonding solutions that are fully compatible with AGC decorative glass products. The AGC Online Store offers all the tools and solutions you need to process, install and clean glass quickly and easily whether for commercial projects or your home.

Our products at www.agc-store.com are available in 4 basic categories:

  1. Glass Installing - in this category you will find FIX-IN products, exclusively designed for AGC decorative glasses. The FIX-IN range provides high quality bonding solutions for your projects. The range includes:

    • FIX-IN SL – a high-quality, neutral, elastic single component adhesive

    • FIX-IN SA – a cleaner and adhesion promoter for SAFE+ safety film in one

    • FIX-IN PR – a solvent-free wall surface primer for porous substrates

    • FIX-IN AT – a double-sided adhesive foam tape that serves also as a spacer for proper adhesive curing and ventilation purposes

    • FIX-IN Starter Kit to discover the advantages of FIX-IN bonding solutions

    • FIX-IN TU(-T) touch up paint to repair any small scratches on painted glass

  2. Glass Processing – in this category you will find metal holders, axles and special cutting wheels for cutting glass on the safety film side through the foil. You no longer need to manually cut the safety film. The category also includes transparent safety film SAFE+ applied on the backside of mirrors and painted glass on the painted side. The film is perfectly compatible with AGC manufactured products, such as Mirox, Matelac, Lacobel and the FIX-IN range. If the glass breaks, the glass fragments are held in place by the film to prevent injuries and damage.

  3. Glass Cleaning – sometimes it is really difficult to clean the glass with perfect results. Especially if you are dealing with acid etched glass or the anti-reflective Clearsight glass. But even standard glass requires proper protection. In the Glass Cleaning category you will find:

    • FIX-IN Cleaning Kit for end-users with the FIX-IN Glass Cleaner and 3 sponges to give glass a perfect streak-free clean.

    • FIX-IN Cleaning Kit for installers. The kit includes 2 products: one for removing fresh adhesive, and one for cleaning off any dried-on adhesive. You will also find 3 sponges to give glass a perfect streak-free clean. For more information go to our Glass Cleaning Guide .

  4. Samples and Accessories section includes three subcategories of products:

    • In Samples you will find the Sample book Lacobel and Matelac, Sample book Stratobel Colour and Stratobel Colour Selector.

    • Accessories include the AGC Low-E Coating Detector, the AGC Luxclear® Protect Coating Detector, Luxclear stickers, FIX-IN Roll-up Banners and FIX-IN POS stands.

    • Protection screens include 2 types of protective panels. The first screen type is dedicated to shops and receptions and includes a small opening at the bottom to pass through any documents, while the second type is for open-plan office areas.